1. Oklahoma State receiver and Biletnikoff award winner Justin Blackmon was honored on April 23, in Ardmore, OK with his very own day.

    Fans, friends and family all gathered in downtown Ardmore to congratulate Blackmon on his day and to continue wishing him success in the future.

    Kind of a fun day for me personally as I can only imagine how surreal a day like that would be for a 21-year-old kid like Blackmon. Nobody even knew who  he was to start the year and now he is considered the best receiver in the nation and a sure fire first round pick in next year’s NFL draft.

  2. Kinda been messing around with my buddies Go Pro camera in anticipation of buying one.

    Decided doing a time lapse of Oklahoma State’s spring football game would be a fun way to start.

    Song is Davy Crocket by Fang Island 

  3. A project I did for class to help promote a local restaurant.

    Crepe Myrtle is a delicious local diner that plenty of people frequent and love but when they opened up their market in addition to the restaurant, they had trouble getting people to start shopping there.

    My suggestion to them was to try and connect with the people that would want to shop there by telling the stories of the people that loved to cook.

    I did a simple sound slide with audio of Oklahoma State student Ben Strealy just explaining why he loves to cook.

  4. Project I did with my friend Josh to help promote our school paper, The Daily O’Collegian.

    We wanted to show students in action and show the day in the life of different people at our paper.

    Took about two days to gather all the video and to put edit.

    Music by the wonderful Stillwater band Colourmusic, the song is Gospel Song.

  5. Project I did for class with a buddy.

    To be perfectly honest, I really can’t stand broadcast stuff like this. If I had it my way, I would have left out my voice and not been seen at all and let the people do the story telling. 

    But… I had to meet the requirements for the assignment and this is what you get.

  6. I keep meaning to post videos/photos of things that are awesome… I can’t think of anything more awesome than a little Serge Ibaka smackdown!